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Raisin Spec Sheets

General Description: This product will be made from South African Seedless Sultana or Merbine grapes
The grading will be done on a 100 gram unless otherwise stated

Choice Grade Laser sorted & handpicked Standard Grade Laser sorted & handpicked Industrial Grade Laser sorted & handpicked
Minor Colour Deviations 3% 5% n/a
Major Colour Deviations 1% test with sample box 2% n/a
Damaged Berries 2% 10% 20%
Texture 1% 5% n/a
Cap stems 2% 4% 10%
Blemished Berries 5% 10% n/a
Sugared Berries 5% 7% n/a
Foreign Objects 2 per 1000kg 2 per 150kg 2 per 150kg
Loose Stalks 1 per 150kg 3 per 15kg 5 per 15kg
Embedded Stalks 3 per 15kg 6 per 15kg 12 per 15kg

Sand (grit) mg / 200gr

15mg per 200gr 15 15
Sulphur Dioxide 1500 ppm 1500 ppm 1500 ppm


Berry Count


Jumbo/Jumbo Raisins per 100 gr > 100
Jumbo Raisins per 100 gr 100 – 130
Bold Raisins per 100 gr 130 – 230
Medium Raisins per 100 gr 230 – 290
Small Raisins per 100 gr 290 – 450
Midget Raisins per 100 gr > 450



Ochratoxin A 5 PPB Tolerance: 10PPB
Total Viable Count 10000 cfu/g
E Coli Absent
Salmonella Absent
Yeast 1000 cfu / g Tolerance: 5000 cfu/g
Moulds 500 cfu / g Tolerance: 1000 cfu /g
Total Coliforms <10 cfu / g Tolerance: 100cfu / g

General Specifications


Moisture content Product will have a moisture content of 14-17% at time of packing.
Oil Description Vegetable oil will be used at a ratio of 3 gr to 1 kg fruit. Tolerance: 5g / kg fruit
Appearance Product will have a uniform light yellow to golden colour. Product will be free flowing and not sticky.
Flavour Product will have a sweet flavour that of sundried grapes.
Odour Free from rancid or foreign flavours or odours.
Texture Soft to firm fruit without any unduly hard particles.
Production Process Sultana seedless grapes naturally sundried without any additives.
Packing Packed in 12.5kg boxes. Inside box is a 20 mic plastic liner.
Infestation Free from infestation or signs of previous infestation
Admixture Product will be free from any potentially injurious particle of foreign matter, including glass, metal, wood, plastic and other fragments.
Sulphur Product will contain a maximum of 2000 ppm sulphur (SO2)

Harvesting and preparation by us:

Fresh grapes with a preferred minimum sugar content of 20 Brix is harvested and pre-treated in an emulsion of potassium and sultana oil to assist in the drying process. The grapes are then evenly packed on stacked wooden drying trays before being fumigated in a Sulphur chamber for at least six hours.

After this process we air-dry the raisins for 10 – 14 days. Then the raisins are being processed in the factory plant, ready for packaging and shipping.